1.  The number one rule is to have FUN!!! Whether it is the players or the coaches keep a positive attitude throughout the season.  If you aren't having fun, the players aren't either.
  2. Be a role model.  The players will be looking at your every move.  Be encouraging and never say something bad about a player, parent, team, or coach.
  3. Reinforce positive actions.  If you have a player acting out, give them some time by themselves.  Come back to them and let them know what they did wrong, then focus on all the positive things they have done.  Always leave on a good note.
  4. Encourage effort.  All players will be at different levels from each other and throughout the season, but they can all be good at effort.
  5. Let kids be kids.  Set basic guidelines and rules for practices, but don't forget they are just kids.
  6. Prepare for practice.  Once you get to the field, you will be busy with players, parents, and preparing for practice.
  7. Keep the players engaged.  Don't spend too much time on one drill; keep the practices moving.  Keep the explanations short and move straight into the drills.
  8. Good communication is key.  Let the players, assistants, and parents know your goals and expectations for the day and season.
  9. Fundamentals are key.  Focus on developing all players on the team.  It's not about winning, it's about making sure each player is better at the end of the season than when they started.